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Funding for supplies of Convex International GmbH includes short and long-term financing tools:

Short-term financing for a period of 1-3 years:

It is possible to finance up to 100 % of the cost of equipment due to resources provided by European banks.


Long-term financing with insurance coverage of national export insurance agencies:

Funding is available for a period of 5 years or more (a period depends on the value of a supply contract).

The first debt service payment is made within 6 months after the average equipment delivery date.

Long-term financing is available to the value that does not exceed 85 % of the contract size. The equipment costs are paid at the expense of a long-term loan. Besides, locals expenses directly related to the project (for example, design and equipment installation costs) can be also paid by means of a long-term loan. The rest of the contract value (that exceeds 85 % of the costs) can be financed under the conditions of a short-term loan for a period of 1-3 years.

In order to obtain funding under the above-mentioned conditions, a supplier and a buyer use a letter of credit between them.

The main advantages of the proposed financing scheme are:

- Lower interest rates (compared to loans granted by banks at their own expense);

- Reduction of a financial burden on a company due to long term financing (5 years or more);

- The possibility of deferral of a loan repayment.


OOO “StroyInvestLeasing” is one of the leaders of the leasing market in the Republic of Belarus.

Advantages of cooperation with OOO “StroyInvestLeasing”:

-       Quick analysis and client’s documents assessment. A decision on cooperation is made within 2 hours. 

-       An option to choose a leasing period – from 1 up to 10 years.

-       Down payment – from 17 % up to 40 %.

-       No additional pledge.

-       A possibility to get an individual plan of leasing payments taking into account seasonal business fluctuations.

-       An option of pre-term repayment of leasing payments without charging of leasing rates.

-       Flexible schedule of payments, if required – a possibility to extend payment time.

-       Opening of a letter of credit in case of purchasing of machinery/equipment within a certain period. The currency of a contract can be Belarusian rubles as well as foreign currency (EUR, USD, RUR).

For the acquisition of machinery and equipment under leasing conditions, please contact us. We will kindly consider your application and make an offer as soon as possible. Due to our assistance, you can provide your business with modern and reliable equipment at affordable rates.